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Science in The News

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1. Visual: Presentation is visually appealing (well organized, slides with minimal text, focussing on graphic presentation). You may link out to a single web page for a video, if you have a video you want to share about the article.


2. Spoken: Pronunciation is correct. Volume is appropriate (can be heard throughout the class). Presentation is not read from a script (or off of the slides).


3. Written: Print out your presentation (print multiple slides per page). Attach a copy of your article, or include a web link to the article.


The presentation should include at least:

a- Summary of the article.

b- Who is (are) the scientist(s) being written about? 

c- Where was the research done? 

d- What is the hypothesis being addressed? (if there is a hypothesis - some of you have been finding cool "observational" science to share) 

e- Who cares (in other words, what makes this important enough for someone to write about it)? 

f- Name one interesting thing you learned.

g - Published within 2 months of the start of the quarter. 

If you can't find some of this information, ask for help, or choose a different article.

The presentation should be short - five minutes or less, just a few slides.


PAY ATTENTION TO PLAGIARISM! Don't copy and paste text from web sites. Include references for the information AND any graphics you include.


Example: The Anterolateral Ligament


Possible sources of articles (any source is fine, but these may be a starting point):













4 - Meets all of the requirements. Presentation demonstrates how the article relates to current class topics or demonstrates a connection to a current Maine issue.


3 - Meets all of the requirements.


2 - Presentation fails to include more than one part, or slides are not primarily graphics or video.


1- Presentation fails to include more than 3 parts, or contains plagiarism. 


0- Not done.

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