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MAMS Expectations for Laptop Care and Use

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Physical Care & Expectations for the MLTI laptops


  • The student acknowledges that these devices are owned by the State of Maine.The State of Maine will expect full replacement cost reimbursement for any neglect, malicious or intentional damage to the MLTI laptop.

  • The student will refrain from eating or drinking around the computer.

  • The student will never leave the laptop unsecured or unattended between school and home.

  • The laptop may not be used on the school bus.

  • The student and parent will find a safe place for the the laptop to be used and plugged in when the laptop is at home. Neither the laptop or the charger should be left unattended.

  • The student will return the laptop to school fully charged on the following school day.

  • If the MLTI laptop is not charged, the student may face the same disciplinary action as though they were not prepared for class by leaving a text at home.

  • The laptop should be stored in a dry, safe place and should not be left in a room or car that has extreme cold or hot temperatures.

  • The student will store the laptop in its case when not in use and will carry the laptop around only stored in the zipped case. The laptop should not be plugged in while it is stored in the case.

  • Any loss/theft/damage of the computer will be reported to the district as soon as possible. In the case of theft the student will also file a police report in the town where the laptop was stolen.

  • Please do not clean the laptops with home cleaners. Students may bring their laptops into the learning commons to have them cleaned and appropriate cleaning supplies will be made available to the students throughout the year.

  • Students should remember to come to the learning commons as soon as they experience a problem so that we can ensure that a small problem does not become a bigger more expensive problem.

  • The laptop and charger each have labels on them that should not be removed. If a label is accidentally removed, the student should come to the learning commons for replacement labels.

  • When in doubt, ask a teacher or a member of the learning commons staff if you are unsure of a specific care issue with the MLTI laptop.

  • There is a $50 deductible for any accidental damage to the MLTI laptop to be paid to MSAD 75.



Appropriate Use of MLTI iBooks


The use of the laptop is intended for educational purposes.

  • Parents will oversee and monitor the use and care of the laptop while at home.

  • Technology staff does not support any software not managed by MLTI or Mt Ararat Middle School.  If the student downloads software that causes the machine to not function properly the machine will be reimaged.

  • Student recognizes that the laptop is to be used only for educational purposes during the school day.  Using any open chat apps, social networking apps or music programs during class that are not approved by the teacher are considered off-task behavior. Any other use of the laptop at home or at other venues is subject to student and parent agreement and rules established by that agreement. This includes social networking, email, chat programs etc.

  • The student will not erase the history on any web browsers. Student web browsing history is subject to review by administration, faculty and parent request.

  • The student understands that it is in their best interest to have use secure/strong passwords. Do not share your password(s) with any one at any time other than a parent or school staff upon request. A secure password has a combination of numbers, letters, capitalization and/or symbols and is at least 8 characters long. An example may be R3dS0xF@n. This is the phrase, Red Sox Fan with numbers and symbols replacing the vowels.

The student will adhere to the MSAD 75 Acceptable Use Policy and all other district policies and procedures.


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