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Strategies That Work

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Strategies That Work

A Guide for Families to Keep at Home


Discussion with our children about appropriate, safe online and cell phone behavior can help them learn how to use technology wisely.  We encourage families to create a family plan about laptop use at home. We suggest you and your child make the plan together.  Below are some ideas to consider as you make your family plan:


Internet Use

  • Discuss what internet sites are acceptable to you and may be used at home.  Also establish what is not acceptable.  

  • Talk about the importance of using communication tools in safe, appropriate ways.


Establish Limits

  • Establish a time the MLTI laptop will be turned off.  Expect and enforce the agreed upon time.

  • Communicate where the laptop will be kept each night when it is turned off and being charged.  Would having the laptop charging in the kitchen be better than charging in the student’s bedroom?


Encourage Balance

  • Get your student involved in offline activities.

  • Establish limits on how much recreational screen time will be allowed at home.  The American Pediatric Association recommends a two hour daily limit.


Establish a Weekly Physical Check-In Time

  • Students are responsible for the laptop.  If they damage it, lose it, or choose not o keep it clean the school will hold them responsible.  A minimum consequence of fees will be charged.

  • Set up a weekly time to inspect the laptop, charger, power cord and case to be sure it is clean and work properly.

  • Encourage students to use the cleaning supplies in the Learning Commons if needed.

  • If you and your child find damage to the laptop your child should report the damage to the Learning Commons immediately.


Impart Your Values

  • Cheating, lying, being cruel is wrong both offline on online.

  • Discuss what is right and wrong in your family and how that relates to online behavior too.


Explain What’s at Stake

  • Inform your student what they do online today can be abused by someone tomorrow.  Help them understand they should “think before they click.”

  • If your student breaks the family rules you set up about laptop use at home, discuss it.  Set consequences with your student and enforce the agreed upon consequences.


Searching  for more information and guidelines here are a few links to check out:




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