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We are very lucky to have a one-to-one laptop program. On Merrymeeting, we have found it to be extremely helpful to have a common laptop set up. It helps us in troubleshooting problems as well as helping us to build good habits of responsible use of the laptops. We start with this basic set up and then, as good habits become established, may relax some expectations. Our expectations are:

  • Laptops are fully charged over night.
  • Laptops are kept closed and in cases until directed to get them out in a class.
  • Computers are only used on desks or tables.
  • Desktop background is set to the preinstalled "Galaxy" image.
  • Screensaver is set to "Word of the Day".
  • Students will not set up multiple "Spaces" on their computer.
  • "Notifications" are disabled during the school day.
  • The Dock is kept visible and only currently running application icons are in the dock.
  • All "Sharing" preferences are disabled.
  • Students will not use Airdrop unless instructed to by a teacher.
  • "Trackpad - More Gestures" are all disabled.
  • "Dashboard" is not set as a separate space.
  • Only run system updates after school or with teacher permission
  • Web history is not to be altered. This means incognito mode, private browsing mode, etc, are not to be used.
  • Any of a long list of distracting menu bar add-ons, games, etc, are not to be used during the school day.


The typical consequence if students are unprepared or misusing laptops is for a note to be sent home notifying the parents of the issue. The laptop remains at school until the note is signed and returned. 


Strategies That Work for laptop use at home

MAMS Expectations for Laptop Care and Use

MAMS Tech Support

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